Packing Process At SUPER MAX

We are known to make every move comfortable by providing you with excellent shifting experience. Our services are top notch, and quality of materials used for packing is excellent. We use cargo sheets, cartons, film rolls, bubble sheets for packing your precious belongings. The important factor in success of Packing and Moving of your household goods is Loading. We at SUPER MAX Cargo Packers and Movers take utmost care while loading your goods. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced loading staff who load your goods with utmost care. They make sure that your goods are loaded on the vehicle with utmost safety.  This process is very important, and we make it sure that the goods reach their destination without any damage. Our Loading Staff are technically trained to handle delicate goods with care. They are well trained to dis-mantle the bigger goods and re-assemble them at unloading point ( Delivery Time ). They try to fit the items in Truck according to Dimensions of the goods, and hence its made sure that the goods reach their destination without any damage during the Transit.

Household Moving Process At SUPER MAX

The very important part of whole packers and movers experience is the household shifting process. We have experienced Vehicle Teams which are backed up by our branch network. Hence your goods are handled with utmost care during the Transit time. The Vehicles are covered with Tarpaulin and other material to prevent them from any damage arising due to rain, etc. The Drivers are trained to drive safely & follow all traffic rules. Our Professional Team takes extra steps while movement of expensive crockery and furniture. Hence, we make sure the whole process is as smooth as possible.

Office Shifting Process at SUPER MAX

We have office shifting process at SUPER MAX and our specialist work one-on-one with you to shift your office from one place to another. We inspect all your office goods and provide services accordingly. Special teams carry out the office shifting process because more care is required to handle the official stuff. TIME plays an important role in office shifting process so we make sure to relocate your office goods on weekends to avoid any interference in your work.

Show Room Shifting Process SUPER MAX

We have show room shifting process at SUPER MAX. Our teams are specially trained to handle major / minor goods and shift them accordingly. We use specially designed cartons for packing the show room goods. Our staff are specially trained to shift show room items. Shifting of show room stuff involves lot of overheads, and hence we try our level best to reduce it to lowest levels. We know that showroom shifting can be very expensive if done on self-basis. Besides the money factor, it can be enormously time taking. So, we always advise you to hire a professional packers company like us to be used for showroom shifting. We make sure that the job is done smoothly and without any damage to delicate stuff.

Car Transport Process At SUPER MAX

We have a car transport process at SUPER MAX. Specially designed Car Carriers are used for the transportation of your car. We provide door 2 door services for Car Transportation. We provide car carrying services for all type of vehicles ranging from hatchback, sedan, sports utility vehicles (SUV), multi utility vehicles (MUV), etc. Besides above Vehicle ranges, we also transport custom built vehicles / imported cars as per specifications given by Customers. Our Standard Protocol for Car Transport is given below:

  1. Door to Door Car Transportation Services.
  2. Safe Delivery of Your Vehicle.
  3. 100% Timely Delivery of Your Car.
  4. Car Transportation of new as well as old car.
  5. Specific locks are used to lock the tyres of car in the car carrying trailer.
  6. Use of quality ropes to tie the cars chassis with car carrying trailer. This makes sure that the car does not move on board the truck during transit.
  7. We follow other industry standards for car transportation.
  8. Last but not the least, We do all this at much cheaper rates then our Competitors.

Bike Shifting Process At SUPER MAX

We have bike shifting process at SUPER MAX. We use special packing material for packing of bikes. Our specially designed packing material helps to avoid any scratches on bike. Bikes ( Motor Cycles ) are usually transported through specially designed bike carrying trailers. This trucks are specially built to transport bikes from one place to another.We can transport any type of the bike ranging from usual bikes to custom built bikes to super bikes.

Our Standard Protocol for bike transportation is given below:

  1. Door Pickup and Door Drop (Door 2 Door) Facility.
  2. Use of Special Cargo Sheets, Bubble Sheets & Filming Roles to avoid scratches on Bike.
  3. Use of high quality packing materials.
  4. Use of special vehicles for bike transportation.
  5. Transportation of all type of bikes ranging from 100cc to 1000cc.
  6. Super bikes are also transported.
  7. Xerox copy of RC, Insurance is required prior to bike transportation.
  8. Original copy of PUC is required prior to bike transportation.
  9. Utmost care is taken in handling of your bike because we know it’s value for you.

Special Note

"No excuse in Business" , "Believe in the Best" this are our motto. We kindly request you to contact us for any inquiry related to packers and movers services, household shifting, car transportation, bike transportation, office shifting, showroom shifting, etc. All packers and movers service inquiries will be answered as fast as possible with competitive rates. You can fill out the form on right side or you can call 7666547717 today for a quote. Once you call us, you will be required to provide us with details of goods (items) and we will provide you with a competitive rate. So, why are you waiting, just call 7666547717 now and get quotation for safe movement of your belongings.

Important Tips For our valuable Customer.

  1. Bike transport pune is a part of the SUPER MAX Cargo Packers and Movers. we are having our head office at chinchwad pune.
  2. We are having our own godown and warehouse service.
  3. We can pickup yours bike transport pune to major cities in india.
  4. When your bike reach at our warehouse, our team pack your bikes with cargo sheet buble sheet and plastic lamination.
  5. If you want to sent your bike transport pune to any location in india please provide us a xerox copy of the rc and insurance.
  6. If you absent you like sent your bike shifting pune or any location in india please provide your id card so we can safe delivery your bike to you.
  7. For transit risk of bike transport, please make your transit insurance. otherwise goods will be book at owners risk only.
  8. Our service are available for bike transport pune, bike transport bangalore
  9. Bike transport Mumbai, bike transport Hyderabad , bike transport Delhi,
  10. Bike transport gurgaon and bike transport Chennai and all major cites in india.
  11. SUPER MAX Cargo Packers and Movers pune and bike transport pune is having all services ie.. packers and movers service pune, car transport service, office relocation service to all cities in india
  12. We are having bike transport service pune to all major cites in india.
  13. We have our containers for transport bike car household domestic goods and corporate shifting from pune bangalore Mumbai, Chennai, gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad and major cities in india.

Bike Transport pune and all major cities to all in india.

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Bike Transportation Pune to sri nagar, Bike Transportation Pune to siliguri, Bike Transportation Pune to gauhati, Bike Transportation Pune to Assam, Bike Transportation Pune to bihar, Bike Transportation Pune to kolkotta, Bike Transportation Pune to bhubneswar, Bike Transportation Pune to Punjab, Bike Transportation Gurgaon to Pune, Bike Transportation Jaipur Pune, Bike Transportation Delhi to Pune, Bike Transportation Chandigarh Pune, Bike Transportation Hyderabad Pune, Bike Transportation kolkotta to Pune, Bike Transportation Mumbai Pune, Bike Transportation Lucknow to Pune, Bike Transportation Ahmadabad Pune, Bike Transportation Chennai to Pune, Bike Transportation Goa to Pune.Our car transport service are also from pune & another cities to all mega cities in india.

Car Transport pune and major cities to all in india.

Our service are from, car Transportation  Pune to Bangalore, Car Transportation Pune to   Gurgaon Car Transportation Pune to Jaipur, Car Transportation Pune to Bhopal, Car Transportation Pune to Chandigarh, Car Transportation  Pune to Hyderabad, Car Transportation Pune to Patna, Car Transportation Pune to Mumbai, Car Transportation from Pune to  Lucknow, Car Transportation Pune to Ahmadabad, Car Transportation  Pune to Chennai, Car Transport Pune to Goa.

We are having also packers and movers service from pune and all big cities to all in india. our packing are very good  with cargo sheet buble sheets and also by plastics lamination. our motto are timely service with safety. but we advise to our client please insure your goods by transit insurance.

Movers and Packers Pune and all major cities to all in India.

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SUPER MAX Cargo Packers and Movers Pune providing Very good packing and timely delivery in low budget.